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The 3 Types of Pentesting That Help In Neutralizing Cyber Attacks

There is a huge debate on the topic is the internet, a great source of development and education for young people or is a boon that is responsible for killing all the privacy and security which are one of the most important parts of a service network. There were times when people used to log in to their accounts on other people’s phones and then without even logging them out they used to leave it just like anything.

The concept of cybercafes is one of the most dangerous parts as the person who is using a particular computer in the cyber Cafe is exposed to a lot of privacy and security threats in general known as cyber-attacks. Cyber attacks can be done in many forms and it is not just spam that you receive in your mail ID. As we know that cyber-attacks are at their peak nowadays, and there must be a lot of solutions in the market to prevent cyber-attacks to happen.

Penetration testing is one of the latest technologies for the prevention of cyber attacks.

  1. Black Box Approach:

The main thing about the software which is to be tested and to prevent cyber attacks is that the information about the software must be there for the better prevention of cyber attacks but at the same time in Blackbox approach, the same does not happen. The internal knowledge of the products must be known at the same time while the cyber attack is spoofed. But when we talk about the black box approach, then the same thing is seen to be invalid as the internal knowledge is not present in the product.  The behavior of the software and also the attributes of the software at the same time are important but in the Blackbox approach, they both are not known.

  1. White Box Approach:

As discussed before the main thing about the software which is to be tested and to prevent cyber attacks is the information about the software which was not present in the black box approach. But when we talk about the white box approach then it is present and it is a major advantage for this type of approach. When we talk about testing practices, then we must make sure that it is done in the right way and under the system supervision of the developer as he is the source of the software. In the white box approach, the testing practices are done from the perspective of a developer. It is also known as structural testing.

  1. Grey Box Testing:

Grey box testing as the name suggest must be a combination of white and black which in itself when mixed produces grey color. When the white and black colors are mixed, then a grey color is formed and this type of testing method also indicates the same. All the positives of the black box approach or mix with the best positives of the white box approach to give a result as a grey box testing method.