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Top Benefits of A Virtual ICU

The pandemic has changed the medical field forever. While virtual medical visits were on the rise before the virus sent everyone into quarantine, they exploded once people were hesitant to leave their homes to visit their doctors in person. But, virtual doctor visits aren’t the only type of medical care that’s gone high-tech. Tele ICU has become a popular way to deliver care and control medical costs at the same time. The benefits of a virtual ICU are numerous, but these four are the top reasons given by hospitals for implementing one.

Addresses the Physician Shortage

As with most professions, there is a critical shortage of physicians to adequately staff hospitals, especially on night shifts and on weekends. A virtual ICU program allows multiple ICUs to be virtually staffed by a single ICU physician, who can perform all the administrative tasks and many of the diagnostic duties that an in-person ICU physician can do. Having an on-call staff of ICU professionals available immediately to consult with in-person staff reduces the need to hire multiple doctors for multiple shifts.

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