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4 Skills You Need To Be A Critical Care Nurse

Working in intensive care unit is often tiring and stressful. Nurses working in the ICU treat patients with critical medical conditions. At the same, the burden of treating a huge number of patients in a single day can wear them out mentally. The ICU provides for a high-stake environment where one minor mistake can lead to disaster. Therefore, it goes without saying that the nurses have to master a few skills necessary for operating under even the most benign ICU circumstances.

What is Critical Care?

Critical care is medical care provided to people suffering from critical injuries and terminal diseases. Critical care often occurs in an ICU or a critical-care unit where patients need twenty-four-hours monitoring so that changes in health conditions may be identified. An extra vigilant staff of nurses overlooks patients who are the most vulnerable. The responsibilities of a critical care nurse include conducting tests, aiding physicians perform medical examinations, preparing and administering treatment, etc.

What do you need to be a critical care nurse?

If you are a registered nurse and aspire to make it into critical care nursing, you need to have the right combination of education and skills to enter this specialized nursing program. The minimum requirement for a critical-care nurse is an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing (ADN), but your chances of landing more lucrative nursing positions increase with a master’s and a doctoral degree.

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