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The Best Practices For Securing Confidential Patient Data


By Milica Vojnic, business development associate, Wisetek.

Cybercrimes are on the rise across the Internet and the healthcare sector is certainly no different in terms of the risks. This is why storing patient data in a confidential manner is extremely important. Let us take a look at some effective practices as well as what benefits such methods entail.

Make Employees Aware of Potential Threats

In-house training is arguably one of the most important steps. Medical staff should be properly educated in regard to how data should be stored, collated and shared. Even simple mistakes can lead to serious security concerns, so this ground-up strategy will be quite effective.

Implement Access Control Points

Who will be provided with proprietary access to private patient data? Management needs to create layered access control points so that only specific individuals can retrieve sensitive information. While SSL encryption is a powerful tool, other methods such as two-factor authentication are equally valuable to employ.

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