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HIMSS15 Trade Show Vendor Highlight: Seal Software

In this series, we are featuring some of the thousands of vendors who will be participating in the HIMSS15 conference and trade show. Through it, we hope to offer readers a closer look at some of the solution providers who will either be in attendance – with a booth showcasing and displaying key products and offerings – or that will have a presence of some kind at the show – key executives in attendance or presenting, for example.

Hopefully this series will give you a bit more useful information about the companies that help make this event, and the industry as a whole, so exciting.

Elevator Pitch

Using pre-defined rules based on a combination of patented technology and natural language processing and machine learning techniques, Seal Software offers a disruptive technology that automatically locates and provides insight into unstructured contract data wherever it resides in an organization. This easily deployable solution can rapidly process thousands of contracts, reducing years of manual process time to hours.

The Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics solution is the only contract optimization technology available on the market that is truly customizable by the client across any healthcare organization. The Seal Platform delivers “non-standard” clause detection based on customer-defined boundaries and is able to continually learn and create reusable content, improving accuracy and relevancy as it relates to an organization’s specific needs. In contrast, Seal Software’s competitors require significant customization before they can adequately process contracts.

About Statement

Seal Software is committed to disrupting the way healthcare is managing, analyzing and optimizing their contracts. Seal’s Contract Discovery and Analytics solution provides complete contract visibility and customizable review and analysis through its unique blend of proprietary technology, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques.

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, even the slightest delay in responding to market fluctuations, regulatory compliance reforms and organizational changes can pay a heavy toll on an organization. With the Seal Platform, healthcare organizations around the world can effectively access and manage their contract portfolio to maximize revenue opportunities, mitigate risk and reduce expenses, reducing manual review time from days – even years – to hours.

Founder’s Story
Seal Software was founded by Ulf Zetterberg (current CEO) and Kevin Gidney (current CTO). With their vast knowledge and experience in the field of content management, they were able to isolate two of the biggest challenges faced by customers – migration of legacy data and consolidation of information from multiple data sources into new applications. This idea was the foundation for Seal. They built the Seal platform as a means for transforming unstructured contract data into searchable information, and facilitate smoother and quicker contract hand-off processes within the various stakeholders and systems.

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