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Top 2023 Healthcare Organizational Adjustments

Roy Bejarano

By Roy Bejarano, CEO, SCALE Healthcare.

As we head into the new year, healthcare organizations will reevaluate their internal processes, procedures, and business plans to ensure they are ready to best serve patients and continue to operate successfully. There are many considerations and adjustments that are likely on the minds of organizational leaders based on aspects of the industry that have changed throughout the past three, tumultuous years. The new year is a prime time to assess the state of the industry and make shifts in processes for the betterment of overall patient care.

At SCALE Healthcare, we help healthcare organizations elevate their management performance and fine-tune their processes. Here is what healthcare organizations should keep an eye out for in 2023 and what internal considerations they may need to make to shift with the changing times in the healthcare industry.

The state of the industry 

Today’s healthcare industry has been colored by what our world has endured since the onset of the pandemic, and many offices and organizations are still grappling with issues brought about by COVID. Cost and supply challenges continue to hamper the work that healthcare professionals can complete successfully. Problems with talent retention, the need for better invoicing and payment options, and the rise of healthcare IT technology advancements are all contributing to a rapidly evolving industry overall. 

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