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60% of Referral Sources Would Switch to a Home Health and Hospice Provider that Accepts Electronic Referrals: Survey

Brightree announces the results from its survey in post-acute care, revealing a significant gap between what referring providers and health systems want, and what home health and hospice providers are delivering, when it comes to interoperability.

The survey was conducted by Porter Research, and is the first to interview both home health and hospice providers (675 respondents) and their referral sources (440 respondents). It found that electronic referrals are high on the priority list:

This lack of automation and reliance on manual labor takes a toll on post-acute providers’ bottom lines. According to the survey findings, almost two-thirds of home health and hospice organizations require several full-time equivalents (FTEs) each month tracking down data and documents they feel could be obtained with better integration in place.

“Interoperability is no longer an option, but an essential aspect of any home health and hospice business,” said Nick Knowlton, Brightree vice president of strategic initiatives. “We were pleased to find users of our Brightree home health and hospice solution were among respondents reporting the highest ability to receive electronic referrals properly, but there’s still tremendous opportunity to continue bridging the gap.”

Many post-acute care providers are considering interoperability a business necessity. According to the survey:

Download the survey’s white paper and full results at http://info.brightree.com/SurveyPR.html

For more information on Brightree’s Home Health and Hospice EMR, now part of MatrixCare’s post-acute software suite, visit https://www.brightree.com/home-health-software/emr/