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The Technology Behind Noopept and Mental Health Enhancement

If you’re in the body-hacking sphere, you’ll surely have heard people talking about noopept at this point. But then, what exactly is noopept, and why do people seem to like it so much?

Noopept has a history dating back to 1996, and it has actually been used for some time in Russia as a treatment for age-related cognitive decline. One particular reason why so many people are looking to noopept for its many benefits is that it’s thought to be around 1,000 times more potent than piracetam by weight. Out of all of the current nootropics currently in circulation, it’s one of the more popular nootropics, next to the racetam family.

What does noopept do, precisely?

How noopept works

When an individual takes noopept, reactions occur within the brain that improves alpha brain wave function. Not sure what that means? Well, when alpha brain wave function is heightened, people are much more likely to be able to commit information to memory, recall earlier information they’ve learned, as well as understand more complex problems and better seek out a solution.

Also, when someone takes noopept, there’s an increase of tonic inhibition within the hippocampus, which contributes to increased feelings of well-being, a reduction in stress, as well as reduced anxiety.

Noopept is also thought to increase various acetylcholine-dependent processes in the brain, so you’ll notice that many noopept supplements have some choline bundled in. Take, for example, the noopept described here: https://www.zachattacksupplements.com/buy-noopept-30mg-choline-50mg-combo-100-capsules/. The reason for this is it’s thought that the body can more readily make use of choline after noopept has been consumed.

Are there any side effects?

Surprisingly enough for a chemical that has such significant cognitive effects, the side effects reported from those who take noopept are minor, if they appear at all. Some people do, however, report side effects like irritability, nausea, or insomnia, if taken too close to bedtime.

These side effects are commonly reported by frequent users of the substance on various public forums, but any study that has taken people who haven’t used noopept before hasn’t stated any side effects whatsoever, making it extremely likely that if noopept is used sparingly, there would be an extremely low chance of encountering any side effects.

It would appear that noopept is extremely tolerated by the vast majority of people who consume it.


The sciences associated with brain-hacking and the optimization of human functioning are all still in their infancy. Despite the relatively low amount of concrete knowledge, noopept has shown time and time again to be an extremely well-tolerated nootropic with very quantifiable and measurable benefits. Noopept is safe, inexpensive, and most importantly, quite effective.

For many people, noopept is the starting point on their nootropics journey as it’s one of the fastest acting nootropics currently available. Who knows, in the next coming years, noopept might be commonly taken by people at large to keep them at peak mental fitness. Either way, noopept has firmly created a spot for itself in the world of brain-enhancing chemicals.