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Heal Acquires Doctors on Call

Image result for heal logoHeal announces its move into New York City and its acquisition of Doctors on Call (DOC), one of New York’s leading and trusted medical house call services for the elderly. The acquisition marks Heal’s entry into its largest single city, making Heal services available to more than 75 million Americans throughout Atlanta, Georgia; California, New York, Northern Virginia and D.C.

“Our acquisition of NYC-based Doctors on Call further extends our leadership in house call based primary care for people of all ages,” notes Nick Desai, co-founder, and CEO. “New York City is like a second home for us, and we’re thrilled to serve the Big Apple with the best personalized, innovative healthcare. The Doctors on Call team shares Heal’s values of providing leading-edge healthcare in a location that is convenient for the patient and offers the opportunity to learn about patient needs in order to best serve their medical needs.”

Heal’s acquisition of Doctors on Call – which averaged 42,000 house calls to seniors in  NYC in 2018 – is aimed at transforming an old-school, people-intensive practice into an omni-modal care solution that lowers healthcare operating costs and provides always-on, connected care. In 2019 alone, Heal will perform more than 100,000 house calls, averaging an estimated $53,700,000 per year in overall healthcare cost savings. The consistent increase in consumer demand for Heal services has uptrended its growth by more than 310% over the last 12 months.

In less than four years, Heal has provided house calls across California, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia, and has reduced unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits by up to 71%. Heal has also reduced hospitalization by 28%.

“Doctors on Call has focused on providing quality, compassionate care to the elderly and infirm and we are honored to become part of the Heal family and move our services to the next level,” notes Paul R. Rosenstock, MD, Doctors on Call Founder, named Medical Director at Heal. “Nick [Desai] and Dr. Renee Dua are working to repair the broken healthcare system and we are looking forward to joining the team and offer our patients the future of care.”

Heal’s ‘First-time Patient’ Survey Proves Doctor House Calls Relieve Urgent Care and Emergency Room Inconvenience and Cost

Heal announced the results of its 2019 first-time patient user survey. Having delivered more than 110,000 house calls since February 2015, Heal shared a voluntary survey with more than 6,000 patients who used Heal for the first time in 2018. Findings from the survey reveal substantial reduction in ER and urgent care overuse and pointed to a corresponding increase in timely care delivery. A highlight of those results includes:

According to a study in 2016 from the Health Care Cost Institute, the national median cost of emergency room visits for patients was nearly $1,917, while some states, such as California, range $2,268 or higher. As an ever-increasing number of patients choose Heal over avoidable trips to the ER or urgent care, Heal has delivered more than $65 million in healthcare cost savings to patients and insurance companies.

However, cost savings isn’t the only benefit Heal patients are claiming to experience.  In a recently published academic paper, authored by Dr. Eric Topol and his team, “Characteristics of the modern-day physician house call.” They independently performed a retrospective observational analysis on data collected on Heal house calls made to 13,849 patients over one year from August 2016 to July 2017.

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