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Morphisec Releases 2019 Consumer Healthcare Cybersecurity Threat Index

Image result for Morphisec logoMorphisec released findings from the 2019 Morphisec Consumer Healthcare: Cybersecurity Threat Index. The report surveyed more than 1,000 consumers, weighted for the U.S. population, to get their perspective and understanding of the threatscape surrounding the healthcare industry, and how attackers are targeting their personal health information.

While the $36 billion shift to electronic health records (EHRs) and the adoption of new enabling technologies has improved the quality of healthcare over the last decade, cybersecurity vulnerabilities have emerged as a byproduct that has made the industry vulnerable to a growing number of highly advanced threats. In February, Morphisec Labs identified an ongoing cyberattack in which hacker group FIN6 expanded into the healthcare field targeting a diagnostic image processing firm.

Sophisticated cyberattackers are now attuned to the vulnerabilities that exist within the industry and are targeting it more than double the rate seen across other sectors. This attack frequency poses considerable risk to healthcare organizations and more importantly to the patients’ data they are securing. As Morphisec continues to assist healthcare providers with improving their cyber defenses and protecting patient data, it examined how the increasing amount of healthcare cyberattacks are impacting the mindset of consumers.

Highlights from the Morphisec 2019 Consumer Healthcare: Cybersecurity Threat Index include:

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