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Mobile Health Technologies Changing Healthcare

Mobile health technologies have been on the rise for quite some time, with the number of health and fitness apps doubling over the last two years, these tools are becoming a part of our daily lives. Health apps can do everything from monitoring sleep patterns to diagnosing diseases, while other evolving technologies are paving the way for a seamless patient care experience via online patient records. An expansive infographic by the Adelphi Healthcare Informatics Master’s Degree program that follows details these important technologies.

In the beginnings of 2014, almost 50 million Americans were using health and fitness apps to monitor their behaviors. Among their most important reasons for doing so are keeping track of personal goals, staying on top of health issues, and gaining motivation. The ability to track and improve eating and exercise habits has only scratched the surface; as more and more people hop on board, the technologies will continue to get better and better.

Beyond the health and wellness applications of mobile health technologies are the value of mobile diagnoses. There are mobile technologies for diagnosing issues with the eyes, for diagnosing malaria and thyroid conditions and screening for oral lesions. These and other technologies have a wide range of applications and will only become more useful as remote areas and countries gain more access to them.

Reviewing test results online, scheduling appointments and requesting medication refills are just some of the capabilities that come along with the evolution of online patient records. Being able to interact with records and doctors in real time from miles away has the potential to revolutionize the way that the healthcare industry functions. Not only does this improve communication, but it also saves time and removes barriers that can crop up along a patient’s medical journey.

The possibilities for keeping track of health and wellness, improving the ability to make diagnoses around the world, and accessing patient records from anywhere are what make mobile health technologies exciting.

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