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Public vs. Private Healthcare Companies and Technology’s Impact

Guest post by Mike Patel, CEO of Meditab Software.

The rapidly growing and changing technology landscape of the healthcare industry means that companies catering to this market are also rapidly developing and adapting. 

Technological advancements are happening so quickly that healthcare companies have to be able to move quickly to stay relevant and effective. This can be a challenge for large, public companies because there are a lot of moving parts that all need to be working in unison to make the vehicle run, not to mention many layers of approval to navigate.  

A private company can be more nimble, more customer-oriented and more experimental with the way they use technology.  In an industry where “fly-by-night” companies are a regularly accepted occurrence, there is something to be said for well-established, stable and privately held companies in the healthcare industry and the benefits they can provide to their customers.

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