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How Modern Technology Revolutionizes Medicare Buying Process

The COVID pandemic hastened the digitization process of many companies. As people lean towards availing services online, many businesses realize the potential of moving to a digital platform. Doing so made purchasing more convenient for the buyers. The same can also apply to Medicare.

Recent industry articles about fixing the Medicare buying process mention that the Medicare buying system is seriously flawed. It is outdated and in need of serious reform.

Buying a Medicare plan usually takes place over the phone- a traditional agent-to-consumer relationship. However, is this the best way to sell Medicare plans?

Choosing a healthcare policy is complex, mainly because of various choices. A 15- to 30-minute phone call with an incentive-hungry agent would not be enough to cover all the intricacies of choosing a Medicare plan.

How can Digitalization Help in the Medicare Buying Process?

Accenture reports that Americans 65 and over are most likely to have used electronic health records in the last year among health technology users. Moreover, their research also reveals that people are extremely enthusiastic about virtual health and artificial intelligence. It is a wonder that most health insurers still think digital is just for the young.

Clearly, anyone surprised about seniors’ desire for digital health hasn’t been paying attention. Over the past few years, silver surfers have become a force to be reckoned with in the digital world. The healthcare system that does not embrace them as digital health consumers is falling behind its rivals. This consumer segment is experiencing a significant shift, putting these providers even further behind.

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