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5 Reasons Why Adjustable Beds Are Beneficial For Seniors

Many assume that adjustable beds only serve those patients admitted to a medical facility. Despite popular opinion, these models can support those ailing due to chronic illnesses or mobility restrictions. Seniors experiencing chronic pain can significantly benefit from sleeping on an adjustable bed.

As a person ages, their body undergoes dramatic changes, including decreasing bone density, lessening muscle strength, and lowered oxygen levels. Some of these changes may inconvenience and reduce the quality of life of those over 60. With these bodily changes in mind, here are five reasons why adjustable beds like My Upbed are beneficial for elderly sleepers.

The adjustable bed offers relief

Many seniors complain about debilitating back pain due to osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, or the Degeneration of joints in the lumbar spine. An adjustable bed can help these elderly folks elevate their head and feet into a position that addresses their chronic pain. When the senior citizen in your life sleeps on an adjustable bed, it will relieve a significant amount of pressure off the lower back.

If you have senior osteoporosis, the adjustable bed will be incredibly useful since it will promote better posture. Additionally, it will help to reduce the strain exerted on the hips and the shoulders.

When a senior depends on an adjustable bed’s pain-reducing benefits, they won’t have to stack pillows under their head, feet, or hips for support. When using pillows to elevate your head, you may start to experience neck pain and backaches, as they’re susceptible to shifting throughout the night from one position to another, which can kink your neck and cause soreness.

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