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Low Level Laser Therapy: How Does it Work?

Low Level Laser Therapy for Pain Management is a new addition to an expanding range of pain management services that are available at OHR medical services. For those who suffer pain from one or more types of chronic pain, Low Level Laser Therapy has the potential to provide relief from debilitating pain without the use of drugs or painful procedures. It is an exciting prospect for pain sufferers because it holds numerous advantages over other modes of pain control. Many of these advantages stem from the fact that it offers pain management services at a lower cost than some traditionally more effective forms of pain control.

Laser Therapy makes pain management “pain free”

Pain management has progressed to the point where there are several options available for patients seeking treatment. While physicians and scientists have been researching methods of pain management for many years, the introduction of laser therapy into the medical field is relatively recent. Prior to the use of laser therapy, most pain treatments were administered through the use of invasive procedures, such as injections of corticosteroids. These methods of pain control had their share of side effects and they often required multiple treatments before the patient was able to resume normal activities. Low level laser therapy, however, can be performed in an office setting and does not require a hospital stay.

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