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Solutions For Improving Laboratory Workflow and Productivity

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As the need for increased testing and vaccinations in response to global pandemics continue to rise, more laboratories are popping up across the country. In order to meet the growing demands, however, it becomes necessary for labs to provide accurate and efficient results. Though there are a lot of factors that play a role in the accuracy and efficiency of laboratories, part of it boils down to workflow and productivity.

When things run smoothly in your lab, your team is able to optimize their time and complete more processes. As laboratory processes are constantly changing and more technological tools, equipment, and resources are developed, lab managers are strongly encouraged to periodically consider ways to make completing tasks easier.

Lab Layout and Design

Whether you know it or not, the layout/design of your laboratory space can have a significant impact on efficiency, productivity, and the certifications you can acquire. If the work stations, lab equipment, and supplies are located in areas that aren’t conducive to efficient workflow, it can quickly become a problem. Departments aren’t able to collaborate with each other, certain areas of the lab become high-traffic areas creating lines to perform tasks, and time is wasted in trying to access equipment and supplies.

Though there are lots of ways to set up your laboratory, an open concept seems to be most popular. An open concept design is essentially one in which everything is easily visible and accessible to lab employees while still providing them with designated spaces to work. To determine which layout will work best in your lab, consider each process and the responsibilities of each employee. Based on this information, you can then position work stations, equipment, and supplies in a manner that works best for your team.

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