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How One Health Plan Boosted Employee Satisfaction Through Information Technology

By Kim Curley, vice president, workforce readiness, NTT DATA Services.

In today’s era of high staffing turnover and talent shortages, keeping employee satisfaction high is one of the biggest challenges for any business. So how can an organization ensure that its most important assets — its people — are happy and productive?

There are many ways to address this, but one that is often overlooked is by focusing on tools and technology to empower your workforce. By prioritizing efficiency and engagement at every point of interaction, you can increase productivity and satisfaction across all levels of your organization.

Foster Efficiency Through Proactive Processes and Improvements

Most employees are impacted by ordering and procurement processes immediately. It is all too common to have new hires report to work only to find that they do not have the right equipment to get started, or have the equipment but no access, hindering training and starting off with a negative IT experience.

When we dig deeper into how the user experience affects healthcare employee satisfaction, we can see how IT infrastructure and processes extend beyond the user interface. In industries like healthcare and health insurance, where security and regulatory compliance is paramount, you must also ensure that the right people are getting access to the system at the right time.

For example, when a claim processor logs in to work, it is not just about the system quickly knowing what they need. The system also needs to know who they are and what access they need – whether they are working in the office, at home or another remote location. All of that should be built into the system to streamline processes for employees and foster greater efficiency.

This is especially important in today’s modern workplace, where employees now expect their interaction with technology, and frankly with anything they use on a regular basis, to be like their user experience with Amazon or Netflix or other easy to use apps. The user experience must be top notch at every touchpoint to create easier and more intuitive interactions every time they log in.

Address Employee Issues More Efficiently

One of the biggest factors in the employee experience, whether in the healthcare space or otherwise, is request and incident resolution. Whether an employee is trying to update personal information or inquire about certain apps or devices that are not working, having an IT team that can quickly address their issues is key to maximizing employee productivity and satisfaction.

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