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Mental Health Problems In College Students On The Rise

A Question, Do Not Know, Doubt, WellStudents are often afraid to confess to the possession of a mental health problem. They fear to tarnish their reputation and be disqualified. Who would like to have a tarnished reputation because of suicidal thoughts or some eating disorders? Nevertheless, it is important to talk about the problem.

Its neglect can lead to negative consequences like suicides, delinquency, and even death. Professional services provide students with custom essay writing which often deals with academic assignments devoted to these serious problems.

Students do not want to write about it because it is hard to remain objective. For example, one can describe a battle that happened many centuries ago. Students often do not feel connected with that event and it is easier to remain objective when judging the reasons and results of the war.

Educational problems in mental health turned out to be a pressing problem for each third student in the XXI century. Why is it so hard to depict the problem? Is it really so dangerous and on the rise?

Top 5 Mental Health Problems in College Students

Today scientists identify the top 5 mental health problems that contemporary students often deal with.

Statistics prove that 99.5% of American freshmen had mental health problems in 2019. More than 60% of the tested suffered from overwhelming anxiety. Students need to support their arguments with facts taken from reputable sources like Jstor, Google Scholar, NIMH, MedlinePlus, SAMHSA, and others. Moreover, a person must be aware of the top 5 mental health problems in college students. Continue Reading