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What Doctors and Nurses Say They Need For An Effective Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Jan Herzhoff

By Jan Herzhoff, president, Elsevier Health Global Markets.

The statistics will make your heart sink. Doctors and nurses are feeling undervalued and burned out, facing reported and anticipated workforce shortages at the frontlines, all while dealing with the continued impact of the pandemic. It’s been found that 47% of U.S. healthcare workers plan to leave their positions by 2025, with 74% of clinicians globally predicting there will be a shortage of nurses and 68% predicting a shortage of doctors in ten years.

Through global in-depth research of nearly 3,000 doctors and nurses from 111 countries, we asked healthcare professionals to consider the consequences of the pandemic and provide insights on the challenges and opportunities they expect to face over the next decade – many having to do with new and emerging technologies.

The result is Elsevier Health’s Clinician of the Future report, in which we explored the global trends and changes identified in the research, that will impact the future of healthcare and its digital transformation. By listening to the voices of nurses and doctors themselves, and understanding the challenges they are facing, we will help forge a better path forward.

Today, technology plays a crucial role in transforming healthcare. In fact, according to the Clinician of the Future report, 88% of clinicians globally agree that being technologically savvy is more important in their daily role today than it was a decade ago.

Looking ahead 10 years, clinicians believe obtaining “technology literacy” will be their most valuable tool, ranking even higher than “clinical knowledge.” However, clinicians are still acutely aware of the consequences that may result from the recent rapid evolution of digital healthcare. Findings from the report highlight that 69% of the global workforce is concerned the widespread use of digital health technology will become another burden.

Despite these concerns, clinicians still see the potential of technology to help deliver optimal patient outcomes. These insights provide a roadmap for change and point to key trending areas of focus while on our path toward an effective digital transformation of healthcare.

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