World’s Top-Ranked Schools For Aspiring Business and Healthcare Leaders

A business degree opens the door to a variety of opportunities, but it’s not the graduation ceremony that marks the starting point in one’s professional journey. It all begins with choosing your future alma mater. 

Many schools around the world can serve as a perfect springboard for your lucrative career path, but some truly mastered this art. They can promise state-of-the-art business knowledge and practices, great entrepreneurship outcomes, and hefty return on investments in the form of higher post-graduation salary rates.

Harvard Business School

Since its foundation in 1908, Harvard Business School has become a perpetual trendsetter when it comes to the standards of business education. In fact, it was Harvard University that launched the world’s first MBA program setting the high benchmark for others to follow.

The HBS is one of the pioneers in applying the case method of teaching. The main point of this approach is to place students in the role of decision-makers right from day one. With about 500 cases read during the two-year MBA program, novice professionals learn to identify pressing issues, exercise appropriate judgment, become adept at countering their ideas, and develop their business instincts.

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