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How Will the NSA Info Gathering Affect Healthcare and Individuals’ Electronic Health Records

Pierluigi Stella

Guest post by Pierluigi Stella, co-founder of Network Box USA.

I live in Houston and have an EZ-tag in my car, so I can “zip” through the toll booths without stopping.  Should I be concerned that my driving speed is being recorded and, perhaps, some day shared with my insurance? Yes, federal law says that it can’t be done, but the Constitution also says the government can’t spy on us!

I visited a specialist recently for a minor procedure.  He then proceeded to share the results thereof with my family doctor via EMR. In fact, all my health records are stored electronically. Should I be concerned that my medical insurance may be able to see things I wouldn’t necessarily like them to see?  Maybe they can’t, but then again, see above!

Browsers download tracking cookies on my computer so companies can better “tailor” advertisements based on my browsing habits. Which literally means they WILL share that information, though they never asked me if they could even plant that cookie in the first place. Should I be concerned?

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