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How Small Businesses Spend Their Time on Social Media: What We Can Learn

The importance of social media can not be understated, and as a vehicle for communication, for many there is just no better option for cheaply and efficiently getting their message out.

However, just because something exists doesn’t mean you have to jump right in and use it without a plan (though your excitement in doing so is remarkable.)

And as you know, I spend quite a bit of time on this site encouraging physicians and practices to take the plunge into social media. But, as a small business, you might find some comfort in knowing you are not alone. There are countless other small business throughout the United States using (or trying to use) social media to engage prospective customers and bringing their message to the masses.

They’re efforts may not be entirely beneficial, but at least they’re trying.

Take a look at the following graphic, and let me know if anything resonates.

As far as social media use, 43 percent are using social media six or more hours a week. Remarkably, though, a third of CEOs and business leaders want to spend less time on social media, though, 63 percent of them spend just five hours or less on social media per week. The statement seems oxymoronic, but I shouldn’t be surprised; everyone is always trying to do more with less.

What’s not surprising, though, is that for the most part, small businesses are spending more time using social media to communicate their messages.

Where are they spending their time? Facebook has a 90 percent share; Twitter occupies 70 percent.

Finally, small business leaders are not overlooking the power of blogs (I haven’t). More than 55 percent of businesses just like yours are utilizing blogs to carry their message and to allow their thought leaders to share their, um, thoughts. Almost half of businesses with blogs spend between one and three hours to create each blog post, and finding and posting content is the most time-consuming part of the blog process (it is, by the way).

As you can imagine, I believe in social media and blogging (as is apparent from this publication’s existence) and it’s the future of communication and message development (take it from me, I’m a former reporter who watched the newspaper industry collapse because of web advancements like social media and blogs) and would like to see more prolific and active engagement from the healthcare community. Engagement on your befall means engagement on your patients and customers behalf.

Sure, some are doing it well, but not enough have gotten on the bandwagon. At least it’s encouraging to see that small businesses’ social media budget are on the rise.

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