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Using Telehealth To Take Care of Your Remote Employees

With the COVID 19 pandemic, firms worldwide experienced a shift of paradigm from traditional office space to remote work. Social distancing and WFH signaled a change in company healthcare benefits as well. The novel coronavirus expanded telemedicine merits since the pandemic began earlier this year. Telehealth has long been predicted as the mainstream trend, but largely the workforce has been hesitant to buy into the model- up until now. HR leaders and businesses have added telehealth and telemedicine as leading virtual care options. 

A healthy and happy workforce is vital to maintain workplace productivity. During this time of crisis, organizations need to encourage employees to adjust to the new normal of virtual healthcare integrating numerous benefits. Host webinars and share presentations to enlighten your employees on why telehealth consultation is befitting for remote employees. Render your work easy with SlideModel’s professionally tailored Healthcare PowerPoint template which will make your presentation look captivating. Before diving into why telehealth is the need of the hour for corporations, let us understand what it is. 

What is telehealth or telemedicine?

Telehealth or telemedicine is a technology-based healthcare consultation or service. In this, distant patients acquire medical help and assistance by consulting a medical specialist right from their home through technology. No matter the location of employees of the certified specialist, you can get medical support via mobile applications or websites and telecommunication. 

All the employees need is a smartphone or a computer to discuss their health concerns with an online doctor. Get virtual appointments for any physical or mental ailment, prescription refills or even virtual follow up visits. Chat with an AI-driven digital assistant, or directly call and message the doctor as per your convenience. 

Why Harness Telehealth For Your Employees in Remote Work? Works Well with Social Distancing

Telemedicine is the most practical and convenient alternative to face-to-face visits at the doctors. With the pandemic spreading like wildfire globally, employees can avail safe consultations online for any flu-like symptoms or even big problems without risking their lives. Avoid coming in contact with high-risk patients at the hospitals with doctors available on online telehealth platforms at your beck and call. 

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