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InterSystems Launches HealthShare Managed Connections to Improve Healthcare Information Exchange

InterSystems announced the launch of InterSystems HealthShare Managed Connections, a service that enables healthcare organizations to take advantage of a network of connections to a vast number of patient records via a central hub and exchange data easily. Through the HealthShare Managed Connections hub, participants can exchange information in a safe, controlled, reliable, and efficient manner.

Most healthcare organizations today rely on one-to-one connections to their partners and to national networks. InterSystems is taking the approach of “build once, use many” to create connections which keep pace with changing requirements and standards.

The HealthShare Managed Connections hub transforms healthcare interoperability with faster onboarding as well as easier maintenance, time, and cost to connect healthcare data. The HealthShare Managed Connections vendor-agnostic connectivity means it doesn’t compete with national networks; it complements them.


“HealthShare Managed Connections allows users to connect to each other as well as to vast national networks, ultimately providing interoperability in a reusable and economical fashion that benefits everyone,” said Don Woodlock, vice president of HealthShare. “This central hub makes it easier to create a single, unified patient record and drive better healthcare outcomes.”

As a CommonWell Connector product, HealthShare Managed Connections empowers users with the ability to access the CommonWell Health Alliance network—representing more than 15,000 provider sites and 76 million individuals.

Through CommonWell, users have the added benefit of being able to leverage the Carequality Interoperability Framework, further increasing access to patient health information. To date, the CommonWell network has more than 219 million health records accessible for exchange, and on average, exchanges more than 70 million health-related records per month.

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