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Athenahealth Physician Sentiment Index Shows Industry Confusion, Grim Outlook on Healthcare’s Future for the Solo Doc

athenahealth released the results from its fourth annual Physician Sentiment Index (PSI), which each year checks the pulse of a national pool of physicians to see how they’re feeling about navigating various industry changes and challenges.

According to athena, the company leveraged the Epocrates’ physician user base to survey to 1,200 providers to identify information on physician awareness and opinions of healthcare and health IT.

As might be expected, the results of the survey include findings and some notable themes:

Doctors Who Go it Alone are Hurting the Most – Again, a trend we continue to see and as we might continue to expect as more corporate health system money gets pumped into the ambulatory market, independent doctors, who account for just more than half of the physicians surveyed, are feeling the most pressure when it comes to industry change and requirements.

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