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BioMech Sets New Standard of Care with AI-Enabled, Clinically Actionable Real-Time Motion Analytics for Improved Healthcare Outcomes

Responding to growing demand for clinically actionable, quantifiable data to both guide and demonstrate the efficacy of treatment decisions, BioMech Health, a division of BioMech Holdings, LLC, has launched BioMech Lab to arm clinicians with the ability to capture – in real-time – the relevant motion metrics necessary to rapidly evaluate, design and monitor physical, surgical, pharmaco and cognitive therapies.

Coupling advanced sensor technology with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms and interactive biofeedback, BioMech Lab captures motion data in clinical or real-world settings to deliver precise, accurate and reproducible assessments and treatment modifications that stratify risk and improve care outcomes.

“Functional motion is a powerful measure of health and includes such fundamental aspects as balance, symmetry, range of motion, voluntary motor responses to stimuli and complex movements like gait,” said BioMech co-founder Frank Fornari, Ph.D.

“With BioMech Lab, clinicians can fully and accurately assess these critical aspects of motion, design treatments and monitor and report outcomes for numerous standard tests and clinical conditions – meaning virtually any clinical specialty can now perform medically necessary tests at the appropriate frequency as part of a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.”

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