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How Physicians Are Using Technology To Improve Foot Health

Technology will forever be advancing, therefore, so will the medical world. As we understand more about technology, we understand more about our bodies and how we can best help ourselves to live a long, happy, and healthier life. Physicians that work in the podiatry setting have found many ways to use technology to improve foot health. If you need to see a podiatrist for any reason, understanding the latest technology can aid you in making a choice about which physician and clinic are right for you.

Sound wave therapy

Sound wave therapy is used for many different medical purposes and is an alternative form of therapy. This kind of therapy uses sound energy to restore vibrational energy in the body. The frequencies and waves that are omitted by sound wave therapy machines produce resonance. Physicians have found that sound wave therapy can be used to treat many foot issues in patients and improve overall foot health. One example of this is reducing the pain caused by foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, which is the most common cause of pain in the heel. For those who have a sprained ankle, sound wave therapy can promote healing and reduce any discomfort.

In addition to sound wave therapy, you can also get a pair or shoe insoles that are specifically designed for plantar fasciitis, such as the ones from Protalus.com.

Video gait analysis

Your posture and the way you walk can cause many feet or ankle issues that mean your doctor sends you to see a podiatrist. If this is the case and your issue is down to walking or exercising, a physician in the podiatry department may watch you walk on a treadmill, assessing your gait. Your gait is the manner in which you walk and can often determine the cause of a range of foot issues. Although a physician may be trained in podiatry, this doesn’t mean they can see everything, and this is where video gait analysis comes in. As the name suggests, a camera can record your every movement, making it easier than ever for a physician to understand exactly what is going on. If you are diagnosed with a gait problem, such as walking on the side of your feet rather than the soles, you may have to wear insoles for over-pronation.

Laser removal of fungal infections

Fungal infections can be very embarrassing and extremely irritating. If you are suffering from a fungal infection, visiting a physician who uses laser removal means a quick and painless procedure that can get rid of your infection in no time. As the name suggests, this machine uses a laser to target any fungus on the foot or around the nail beds. One of the most common forms of fungal infections that are cleared up with the use of laser therapy is onychomycosis.

If you are suffering from any form of foot problem, speaking to a physician who is trained in podiatry is the first step to recovery. Finding a clinic that uses the best forms of technology means you will get quicker and more precise treatment to restore your foot health sooner.