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Febris Launches Free Online COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment Training Module for Nurses and Medical Staff

Febris, an innovative healthcare training start-up company, has officially launched a free online COVID-19 (coronavirus) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training module designed especially for nurses and medical staff. The training module is available at www.febr.is.

Using interactive virtual reality technology, the new Febris educational module incorporates the latest Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization guidelines and recommendations. The online module includes information about proper hand hygiene procedures as well as best practices regarding personal protective equipment (PPE), including disposable gowns, face shields, respirators, gloves and face masks.

Kirkland Brooks
Kirkland Brooks

“Our goal is to help new nurses incorporate current guidelines regarding personal protective equipment as they collect diagnostic respiratory specimens and work directly with patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Febris founder and CEO Kirkland Brooks. “We are planning to roll out additional educational modules in the coming months, but we are focused on providing free coronavirus PPE training because this topic is urgent, timely and extremely important to help keep nurses and medical staff as safe as possible.”

Hospitals across the United States are currently facing a growing need for nurses amid the coronavirus pandemic. Given the expected surge in COVID-19 patients expected in the coming weeks, many U.S. healthcare facilities are trying to fill crisis-based nursing jobs, particularly in intensive care units and emergency rooms.

“With states fast-tracking medical permits and universities graduating healthcare students early to work the front lines, creative solutions like Febris’s virtual reality COVID-19 nurse’s training module will help ensure that lack of experience doesn’t lead to greater risk for both patients and medical personnel,” said Jennifer Bonnett, executive director of The Creative Coast. “It’s great to see Febris stepping up and innovating quickly to help our community — and the world — in this time of crisis.”