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NSA and the Federal Government Collect Everything they Can About Us; Are Our Medical Records Next?

The NSA and federal government spying dragnet has filled the news cycle and brought to light the government’s programs that spy on U.S. citizens. Effectively, the feds are collecting every American’s data, from emails, phone calls, Tweets, Facebook pages, Google search and whatever else they can get their hands on, which begs the question: If the government is freely collecting the data of every citizen of the United States – the FBI recently admitted to spying on American using drones on American soil – why them would the data collection stop with these communication methods? Why not continue the collection of data that’s gathered through our medical records through that’s being collected through several efforts, including the meaningful use program.

All of that aside, more information than we can fathom is going to be collected about each of us once Obamacare takes effect next year, which will be siphoned off through several agencies to ensure we’re vetted for the new national healthcare program.

I bring this up for a single purpose – we now know data is being collected about us, so what makes us think our health data won’t be collected and used against us in some manner, as  Pierluigi Stella so clearly outlines in the post – “How Will the NSA Info Gathering Affect Healthcare and Individuals’ Electronic Health Records” — for this site.

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