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Grand Rounds Launches Premium Navigation Offering

Image result for grand rounds logo"Grand Rounds announces the launch of Premium Navigation, Grand Rounds’ population health solution that simplifies the healthcare experience by providing one place to go for all healthcare needs—clinical and beyond. In addition to comprehensive care management, Premium Navigation can replace traditional health insurance member services to give users a single entry point to access all employer-sponsored benefits.

Premium Navigation helps employers improve health outcomes and reduce costs by guiding employees to high-quality, personalized care throughout their entire healthcare journey. This encompasses everything from connecting members with a multidisciplinary clinical care team for acute case management, to guidance around clinically appropriate benefits and claims advocacy support.

Within Premium Navigation, members also have access to Grand Rounds’ Connected Care Program (CCP), a physician-led, comprehensive care management program that integrates traditional care and case management for those with complex health needs who face an array of health challenges. Grand Rounds’ PhD level team of data scientists continuously work alongside the clinical team to build CCP’s predictive models, which identify the members who need help.

“We know that a member’s non-clinical needs—financial, administrative, etc.—often dictate how they will address their clinical need, if they engage at all,” said Dr. Ami Parekh, chief medical officer at Grand Rounds. “That’s why our model is built on the idea that we have to meet the member where they are and help with their main concern which, at times, may be managing the financial or administrative burdens of the healthcare system. By first earning their trust, we can help members manage their ongoing medical needs. This comprehensive care approach allows us to deliver more personalized and impactful care that will lower unnecessary emergency department visits and inpatient hospitalizations and raise the standard of care for an entire population.”

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