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Technology For Healthcare: Making EMR and EHR Work For You

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The government is determined to see that all healthcare institutions use electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs). Their features, after all, streamline the healthcare process. Many physicians and healthcare professionals, however, remain reluctant to implement these records, overwhelmed by the complex system.


Although inefficient systems can make physicians a “slave” to their EMR/EHR, the software increases workflow efficiency and preserves critical medical information when implemented properly.

If you wish to reap the full benefits of your EMR software, you must overcome the following challenges first:


Cost of Implementation

EHR and EMR implementation is a costly affair. The software, hardware, implementation assistance, support, training, and ongoing fees consume a large chunk of your planned capital investment.


According to government reports, the minimum cost of purchasing and installing an EHR/EMR system is $15,000, while the maximum is $70,000 (depending on the provider). Unplanned expenses may also add to the total cost of implementation. Finding financial resources for EHR and EMR is a major hurdle, especially for smaller practices.


The software cost is one of the reasons that discourage healthcare institutions from investing in EMR and EHR. Still, the benefits significantly outweigh the implementation expense; getting an EHR/EMR system is more cost-effective in the long term.

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