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Why People Are Missing Contact Tracer Calls On Mobile Phones

As most of us would agree, modern smartphones have become hugely useful when it comes to providing us with increased ease and convenience. You can now do so much on your phone, from browsing and making purchases online to taking videos and photos, accessing social media, download and using a huge range of apps, and more.

Mobiles have also proven very useful in terms of helping to battle the ongoing global pandemic, as it means that people can go online with ease to check information, make arrangements for testing, get updates on the virus, and receive calls from contact tracers if they have been exposed or infected. When it comes to the latter, contact tracers often use mobiles to try to get in touch with those who have been diagnosed with COVID as well as those who have been exposed via contact with infected people.

Not Always Successful

As our infographic shows, contact tracers are not always successful in contacting people on mobiles, and this is for a range of reasons. While they do try to call three times, their calls can still go unanswered, and this means that they are unable to get or provide the information they need to with regard to exposed contacts.

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