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Overcoming Challenges For Effective Contract Management In VBC

By Shyam Manoj Karunakaran, executive vice president of health plans, CitiusTech.

While VBC (Value based care) is the current focus point for the healthcare industry, it is important for organizations in this sector to ensure successful and efficient management in VBC. In this article, I would like to draw your attention toward the challenges in effective contract management and how best to overcome these.

Path to value for Value-based Care

The growing markets in healthcare are now centered around government-sponsored programs like Medicare Advantage (MA), the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces, and Medicaid. This trend is steering healthcare organizations towards more direct patient engagement and the management of high-risk, high-acuity patients. As healthcare organizations increasingly focus on Medicare Advantage, ACA, and Medicaid, they encounter a unique set of challenges, encompassing system integration, data interoperability, and effective data handling, among other critical aspects.

Addressing the SaaS Sprawl

Over the years, healthcare organizations have made significant investments in a variety of SaaS solutions to facilitate their day-to-day operations. These solutions, each housing data in different data centers or cloud environments, have become integral to their business processes. However, as the focus intensifies on managing high-risk and high-acuity patients, along with an increased emphasis on direct consumer engagement, there arises a critical need to integrate data and processes across this sprawling landscape of disparate SaaS systems. This integration is essential for a holistic view of patient care and efficient service delivery.

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