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Technologies That Are Assisting Concussion Injury Management

Doctor Office, X-Ray, Patient, Brain, ConcussionConcussions are a growing concern globally, with many pushing for greater awareness and ongoing research being done with regards to managing the condition.

There are many ways to cure post-concussion syndrome, but in recent years, researchers have made advancements to incorporate technology in managing concussions.

The technology impacts both the prevention, detection, and treatment of concussions. Medical researchers now rely on impact sensors and concussion care apps to enhance healing.  Here are a few ways that technology is impacting concussion management:

Impact Sensors

Impact sensors are designed to record forces transmitted to the head-on collision. The sensors can be attached to concussion safety devices like helmets, mouthguards, or on the skin to enhance efficiency. With research still ongoing, impact sensors can now assist in detecting minor concussions injuries.

Besides seeing force transmitted to the head, impact sensors can also detect early-stage concussion and collect data on the severity of the trauma. The devices are finding a place in helping stop post-concussion syndrome. Additionally, products like patches can be worn behind the ear and be used to detect concussions. Most importantly, the products can be integrated with mobile technology to communicate.

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