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Technology Helps Payers Transition for the Future

Guest post by Craig Kasten, chairman, SKYGEN USA.

Craig Kasten
Craig Kasten

Despite all the advances in technology over the last three decades, many large health payers are still conducting aspects of their business the way they did in the pre-Internet days of the 1980s, relying on manual processes and interactions with members and providers.

That mindset can no longer continue. Between the huge influx of individual members that resulted from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the expectations of the customer experience members have based on their interactions with retail, telco and other industries, payers must make significant changes to prepare themselves for success in the 21st century – and beyond.

The days of sprawling campuses housing thousands of employees, acres of call centers and a labyrinth of file rooms archiving mountains of incoming paper documents are going away. Following are some of the key adjustments health plans will start making in 2016.

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