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Contact-Tracing Technology Focused on Privacy Now Available for Immediate Deployment at No Cost for All Countries

HypeLabsHypeLabs, a software-only mesh networking provider, announces the launch of CovidApp (CovidApp.org), an easy-to-use selective quarantine white label solution that has been proven to prevent the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus. The system is ready for immediate deployment and will be free to all states and countries that wish to use it.

CovidApp is a private and anonymous contact tracing system that detects physical proximities between smartphones and works in conjunction with hospitals and governments to inform users, even those without an internet connection, about their likelihood of a COVID-19 exposure if they have crossed paths with someone who has already contracted the virus. This software uses random ID numbers that do not require any database or private information of any individual.

Smartphones that have the app installed will be capable of exchanging Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals when the devices are within range of one another, even without internet or mobile data. Records of those encounters will be stored in the device for up to 14 days and subsequently sent to a central server.

If someone has tested positive for COVID-19, others that were in proximity contact with that person will be alerted to be tested or to initiate a preventive quarantine immediately. Web portals for both health and government officials allow authorized officials to distribute information to the end-users, from important announcements to health recommendations for containment of the virus. Only authorized medical personnel can interact with the health web portal and update the health status of tested citizens.

“It is important to emphasize that no one will ever see the users’ private information,” said Carlos Lei, co-founder and CEO of HypeLabs. “Only the Unique Device ID is visible to government authorities. CovidApp can help cities and countries turn their economies back on as soon as possible.”

CovidApp has already been tested and deployed in some countries in Latin America such as Colombia, the first nation to adopt the system showing the lowest numbers of infected patients in the region and is managing the flattening of the curve.

In addition to helping virologists gather important data to prevent future pandemics, contact tracing can be used as a general private analytics tool to improve transportation systems and help to design a more efficient flow of entire cities.