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Health IT Startup: CareClinic

Elevator pitch

CareClinic acts as a virtual advocate that enables patients and caregivers to analyze the entire treatment experience outside the clinical setting (including meds, meals, symptoms, side effects, activities and other experiences) and analyze the resulting patterns and correlations that can help improve outcomes using AI.

Founders’ story: Akshay Khanna

I had experienced chronic fatigue and was looking to figure out why I felt the way I did. The only apps that were available in the App Store consisted of medication adherence apps, nutrition apps for tracking calories or fitness apps for exercise.

It wasn’t convenient to download three different apps and then try to make sense of all the data across all of them for me. It simply required too much work, so I made a simple web-based platform where I could record my health as needed day to day and have correlations automatically bubble up. It didn’t take long for others like myself to find out about what I was doing and started using the platform for tracking chronic disease. We soon decided to raise a seed round and built our mobile apps and now more than 30,000 users use our app.

Marketing/promotion strategy

CareClinic has not required too much marketing, it has been able to grow organically. We have users from the VA, CAMH and other patient groups promote our app to their patients. We have also partnered with pharmacies to provide our app to their patients for remote refills. Patients like the fact that they can order refills from the app automatically and the pharmacies are happy because they are able to improve help patients keep adherence rates high.

Market opportunity

Chronic conditions are on the rise across the world. More than 133 million Americans have a chronic condition, 12% of those patients have multiple conditions. Additionally, the optimal quality of life can be difficult with disease our app can lessen cognitive burden for patients.

Costs are also high for patients for non-adherence; not following overall care plan increases re-admissions. We seek to simplify the way patients measure and care for mental health & chronic conditions by helping people make smarter health decisions between professional care.

Who are your competitors?

There are many mobile health apps that do various things independently. However, CareClinic

is the only app that enables patients to create care plans to track and manage all aspects of their treatment within one app. We take this a step further by leveraging AI to bubble up insights that the patient would find beneficial. Our AI also works to keep the user safe by letting them know if there could be potential side effects, interactions and overdose. In fact, we are already one of the top three most downloaded apps for self-care treatment management for iPhones.

Current needs

We are currently in the midst of partnering with specialty drug companies, pharmacies, patient advocacy groups all of which have shown massive interest in adopting our platform to help patients improve outcomes. We are also in the midst of integrating with EMR/EHR and pharmacy management software to make sure there are no discrepancies in the patients’ prescription data.

When founded: 2016

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Website: https://careclinic.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/careclinic_io