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9 Reasons Why Social Workers Are Essential For A Thriving Community

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All humans need some extra support sometimes in their lives, whether it’s someone suffering from a physical ailment or having emotional problems. No person is an island. But, who are these people who dedicate their lives to others? Social workers are those unsung heroes who spend their professional lives helping adults, children, and sometimes animals live better lives. They may either be school counselors or child services. But, that is not all they do.

A new role in the 21st century

The role of social workers has transformed in the modern world. Nowadays, social workers play a primary role in societies. They work at the micro and macro level. Sometimes these professionals also develop policies to address challenging national and global issues. Tech-savvy social workers use the latest tools for self-development and awareness programs, and maintain an online presence to increase their reach.

Diverse options

During times of crisis, we all turn to these heroic individuals for support. These highly-trained and qualified people usually have graduate-level degrees in social work and justice. But, their accolades do not limit them to specific areas of community and volunteer work. Instead, their education and experience open up diverse options. Most people think that social workers only work in traditional settings, such as mental health clinics and nursing homes. They are wrong because they have a myopic view of the degree.

So, what can you do with a social work degree besides social work? Most of the skills students learn in social work programs apply to a career in human resources. For example, social workers have excellent communication skills that are valuable in every industry. Similarly, critical thinking skills can help students pursue a thriving career in healthcare.

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