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Assistive Devices and Technologies for Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

Life after a traumatic brain injury can be challenging. It can result in severe cognitive and physical limitations. While it’s possible to recover, you may experience sensory issues, cognitive impairment, and other challenges. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims may require additional assistance to perform their daily life activities. This is where assistive devices and technologies come in. They enhance a TBI survivor’s quality of life while boosting their independence. Discussed below are several assisted devices and technologies for traumatic brain injury victims.

Mobility aids

Traumatic brain injuries happen due to various incidents or accidents, such as falls, auto crashes, or sports-related injuries. These injuries can cause severe, lasting disabilities like physical limitations that need the use of mobility devices. These aids include:

With the help of physical therapists and specialists from trusted TBI care facilities, you can select a mobility aid suitable for your loved one’s needs.

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