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7 Tips To Improve Communication At Your Healthcare Practice

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By Simon Mikail, co-founder and head of operations, 405 Ads.

Providing quality care and achieving better clinical outcomes for patients are two goals that drive most physicians and healthcare providers. Effective communication between patients and healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, lab technicians, etc. is critically important for achieving these two goals.

Research has established the connection between improved communication (in healthcare) and reduced malpractice risk, better patient adherence and lower overall cost-per-case.

Here in this post, we will share with you the top seven tips to improve communication at your healthcare practice:

  1. Keep It Simple

Using simple, non-medical language can help establish a doctor-patient relationship that leads to better patient outcomes.

Patients are more likely to trust healthcare professionals who use simple language and common vocabulary that everyone can easily understand.

Anyone who interacts with patients at your healthcare practice should be advised to avoid using cryptic jargon including medical abbreviations, terminologies, and scientific terms.  

The medical jargon does not help build trust and confidence; on the contrary, it leads to confusion.

  1. Feedback Loop

When communicating with patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals may take a smile or nod to mean they ‘got the message.’

To make sure patients aren’t disappointed with treatment results in the future or silently doubt recommended treatment regimens, create a feedback loop in order to assess how well a patient understands the information concerning symptoms of a medical condition, doctor’s advice, diagnosis, and treatment options.

A feedback loop helps ensure that patients process the conversation more effectively; it can help bridge the communication gap and improve comprehension.

How you can create a feedback loop to improve communication at your healthcare practice:

  1. Train Your Staff

In most healthcare organizations, big or small, fresh recruits participate in a mandatory training program.

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