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Nursing in 2022: 9 Trends You Should Know

Nursing is a profession dedicated to caring for people to restore their health and improve their quality of life. The world realized the need for nursing as a profession during times of wars, sickness and famine. Due to numerous injuries and diseases, more attention was needed to nursing the afflicted.

Nursing grew rapidly in 20th and the 21st centuries. The causes were the two world wars, greater appreciation of nursing globally, and the pandemics: Spanish influenza and currently ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

The following are likely to be the trends in nursing in 2022.

1.    Greater demand for nurses

There might be greater demand for nurses in 2022 because of many factors. These include:

This pandemic has resulted in an overflooding of hospitals and other medical facilities in the worst affected areas. Many patients were rushed to hospitals or had to self-isolate in their homes. Nurses cared for them in hospital wards and performed PCR tests at homes. Additionally, some nurses quit during these stressful times because of burnout. Hence, the demand for nurses has increased substantially.

The population of developed countries is aging because the old, on average, live longer due to more and more healthcare facilities. This phenomenon causes the nursing demand to grow annually. More nurses are needed to attend to the elderly in hospitals and old homes.

Many nurses will also retire, propelling demand even further, causing a shortage of nurses. Nurses have been leaving hospital jobs for outpatient clinics and employment in the insurance sector.

These trends show that nursing will be in high demand throughout 2022 and the subsequent years. If you are looking for a career in specialized nursing, check programs such as an AGACNP master’s degree.

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