Symphion Applies Unique Cyber Hardening Service Solution to Broader IoT

Symphion, Inc., a leading software and services company focused on affordably eliminating risk and cost while maximizing operational efficiency in information technology, today announced the official launch of the Symphion’s IoT Cyber Security as a Service solution. This new offering from Symphion is the only service available today to cost-effectively secure IoT devices, independent of make, model or type.

Regulators are recognizing the increasing exposures from Internet of things (IoT) devices and are requiring manufacturers to add features to address security.

“New laws like California’s SB 327, which will take effect in January 2020, require connected devices to be secure,” stated Jim LaRoe, Symphion’s chief executive officer. “We’re just seeing the beginning of these types of regulations requiring that security features must be added by manufacturers to protect devices and the networks that they are connecting to. At Symphion, we recognized this need for printers, the most prevalent and mature Internet of Things devices, and designed our Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service solution using artificial intelligence to identify and maintain preventative cyber hardening using the built-in security features. To address the broader IoT market development and the anticipated introduction of security features, we’re introducing our newest service, IoT Cyber Security as a Service.”

Currently, networked printers form the largest number of IoT devices across most enterprises in the US today – with the estimated number being above 100 million deployed on networks. Of those, it is estimated that less than two percent are properly configured for security, creating the greatest threat to network security today. Industries like healthcare, energy, finance and government are at significant risk due to increased regulations that have expanded fines for not properly securing IoT devices, including networked printers.

“We knew that cyber hardening all our printers (IoT devices), bringing them into change control and compliance reporting were what we had to do,” stated Jason Johnson, Marin General Hospital’s information security officer and president of the HIMSS Northern California Chapter. “Even with our print fleet of fewer than 1,000 printers and around 60 models, for us to try to manually do what Symphion does would easily have run us in excess of $400,000 per year for only a fraction of what they provide and would have been wholly ineffective.”

Symphion’s IoT Cyber Security as a Service™ is a turnkey security configuration management service for IoT devices – completely and remotely delivered by Symphion. This affordable service manages the available security setting (regardless of make or model), monitors those settings and automatically remediates them their planned, controlled state.

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