Steam Cleaners Are Good For Disinfection

So, you are a germ freak always clean of ensuring your place of work or residence is clear of anything that may be hazardous to your health. However, you are also aware of some of the possible health problems that are caused by some cleaning agents/chemicals. So how then do you ensure you get to maintain a germ-free environment and avoid using potentially harmful chemicals at the same time? By getting yourself a multipurpose steam cleaner.

Steam cleaning is the way to go!

A steam cleaner is basically an appliance meant to clean dirty surfaces using hot vapor released at high pressure. It is an effective and environmentally friendly way of cleaning dirty surfaces without having to incur the extra cost of buying cleaning agents that would have potentially been harmful to your health.

It is a good cleaning solution for people with health problems such as allergies as it only involves the use of water for sterilizing and disinfecting homes and dirty surfaces. Users can get rid of harmful germs and bacteria without running the risk of being harmed by the chemicals found in some cleaning agents.

How does steam cleaning work?

Steam is basically water that has been heated at very high temperature till it turns into vapor. The steam cleaner turns water into vapor and releases it at high pressure during cleaning. The steam produced is released at such a high pressure that it is able to dissolve even the toughest most dirt at the tightest corner. The high temperature of the steam also helps to destroy bacteria, mite, bed bugs and other external agents that may be a health hazard.

A steam cleaner can be used to clean kitchen surfaces, taps, bathrooms, seats and many other household stuff and surfaces. You only need to point it in the right direction.

So, can a Steam Cleaner really kill Viruses and Bacteria?

A lot of customers have always wondered whether steam cleaners can really kill bacteria and how effective they are. With the current crisis that the world is facing due to Covid-19, everyone is looking to find ways of ensuring they disinfect their homes and equipment while also remaining safe from chemical infections.

A study by the environmental protection agency showed that the indoors are usually filled with more pollutants and allergens than we can begin to imagine and since a lot of work and rest is done while indoors, regular cleaning is need for disinfection. If left unchecked, dust, bacteria, viruses, germs and mites can become embedded in rugs, upholstery and other indoor surfaces, thus posing as risk factors. The high heat of steam can help to open up tight carpet and rug surfaces thus enabling easy cleaning.

It has also been proven that steam is able to kill quite a number of bacteria and viruses (at least 97%), thus proving to be a good disinfectant. For this to work, the steam has to been hot enough and maintained at that temperature (between 175 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least three minutes during the cleaning.  The higher the temperature the better of course.

The steam cleaner works by heating water past its boiling point and releasing it as steam at a high pressure through its nozzle. The hot steam kills viruses, bacteria, mites, bedbugs, dirt and other foreign agents that may be hazardous to your health.

So, at such high temperatures steam can act as a disinfectant by doing the following:

  1. The high pressure can clear out even the toughest trapped pollutants
  2. Kills dust mites and other tiny bugs
  3. It destroys at least 97% of bacteria
  4. It can remove tough molds and prevent them from growing
  5. It can remove tough stains, grease, yeast and fungi

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

  1. It is environmentally friendly as it does not involve the use of chemicals which can be harmful to some users
  2. It is versatile. Due to the high temperature use and high pressure, steam cleaning can be used on a lot of surfaces and materials, making it quite effective for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Despite steam cleaners primarily being used for cleaning homes, they have also proven to be helpful in detailing cars, motorcycles and boats.

To get a good cleaning and disinfection process, it is also wise to ensure that you select the best device for the job. Choosing the best steam cleaner for the cleaning is also very important. Some good examples of steam cleaners that have been recognized for being effective in disinfection include Ladybug Tekno 2350, Brio pro EP1000, Vapamore MR-75.

As a customer that has to deal with constantly maintaining a clean home, it is necessary that you select the right tool for the job. Plenty of steam cleaners exist out there, but few can actually do the kind of job that you need to be done. So why not take your time to research and make sure you get a steam cleaner that can clean up your mess, but, one that will also ensure that your home is disinfected.

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Thanks for the info. Noted that “steam has to been hot enough and maintained at that temperature (between 175 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least three minutes during the cleaning”
Would like to know how this 3 minutes duration derived. If steam continuously applied 3 minutes chances for condensed (excess) water at floor (if used for floor cleaning), right? Please advise. Thanks

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