Moving The Healthcare Industry Forward In 2021

By Ryan Van Wert, MD, CEO and founder, Vynca.

Ryan Van Wert

As a physician entrepreneur with a background in critical care, I view the COVID-19 pandemic from a unique perspective. COVID-19 has compelled the healthcare industry to evaluate areas that are successful and those that must be altered to improve care delivery for both clinicians and consumers. This time of contemplation is an opportunity to move healthcare forward for the benefit of everyone.

In addition to providing many lessons for the healthcare industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed some particularly vulnerable areas, revealing five valuable teachings.

Five Insights from the Pandemic 

 Three Ways Healthcare Will Change in 2021

 With vaccines being distributed globally, some of the alterations the pandemic has made to the healthcare landscape will have a lasting impact, while other changes may not be as permanent. Below are three areas that will look different in 2021. 

While the pandemic has impacted the healthcare industry in every care setting, it has also brought to light opportunities for the industry to make real progress. As we aim to make our public health infrastructure stronger, COVID-19 has provided an important moment for us all to reflect on what we can do to improve in the coming years.

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