How To Write the Best CV for a Medical Graduate Student

By Melissa Cartew, freelance writer and hospital recruitment specialist.

Usually, a curriculum vitae serves as the first contact with the potential director of the program. Hence, you will require a C.V. which will do more than just provide information regarding your professional and educational qualification, personal history, and achievements. Thus, when you think about how to write a CV, you need to keep in mind that you will have to maintain a good image when it comes to your profession in the mind of the one who is reading it. The C.V. has needed to accentuate the areas where you are strong enough and develop sufficient interest in you. This will lead you to get a personal interview.

Phrases to create an efficacious C.V.


Details you need to include

— Contact information

This has to be included on the first page. It will contain your name, phone number, address and email address. In case the address that you have stated in the document is not your permanent address then you have to include your current, as well as permanent address. Make sure that you put them under the right heading.

— Personal data

Keep in mind that this is a professional document. This means that information pertaining to marital status, age, health or children is up to. You may or may not include this. There are some recipients who would expect you to provide this information in medical student CV, but it isn’t compulsory.

— Educational qualification

In this section, you will have to include the educational background that you have. Make sure that you include the most recent training at the top. In case you have written any paper during your college period with the help of term paper writing service, provide the research details, too. The order in which you represent is up to you. It can be degree first, the institution first or date first. Irrespective of the order you go for, it has to be consistent.

— Employment experience

In case you have to any part-time work experience. This has to be provided in the CV template medical student. This way the reader will be able to understand the kind of work that you have done. Make sure that you put in the date of employment, the name and address of the employer, and the job title. If you want, you can also provide your achievements, successes, committee assignments, research interests, etc. The entries have to be uniform. Do not include excessive and unnecessary information.


Do not forget to include the license or certification status towards the end of the section. Also, provide the license number and the issue date.

— Professional affiliation

Here, you will have put the present membership in the professional organization. If you hold any significant position or are a member of a committee, mention that, too. Mention the date for each of the position that has been listed here. Also, indicate any important activity that you have completed under the leadership. The comments have to brief when you describe your role. This will help in avoiding the risk of making an unwanted impression that you are exaggerating.

— Presentations and publications

This section is the ideal place to mention your professional achievements. The subheadings that you should include in the section are invited lectures, publications, research activities, abstract, leisure and community service. Provide bibliographic entries so that the readers are able to find them easily.

— References

Reference information has to be placed at the end of the document. Include the name, address, position, email and phone number.

However, you have to keep in mind that advice to write a proper C.V. is going to open up opportunities for you. It is just a start to creating an efficacious document which has clarity, organized format, and consistency. The C.V. you create has to be easy to read and shouldn’t confuse the readers as to what has been presented in the C.V. To create a document that has an impact, you need to know that it is going to be read by people who do not know you. These people are the ones who will develop a list of recommended candidates. So, your document has to create a good impression.

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