How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Sleep Industry

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is highly beneficial to our bodies. It makes us feel happier, enhances the way our body functions, improves our productivity and concentration, and even decreases the risk of health conditions, such as heart disease and strokes.

A healthy amount of sleep is said to be between seven to eight hours every night. Unfortunately, during this modern day and age, many of us are losing out on essential hours of sleep and the quality of our sleep has seen a massive decline. To improve the way we sleep, many companies are doing their best to develop sleep aid technologies.

Alongside taking the steps to change our sleeping habits for the better, using these technologies could work to our advantage by increasing the amount of sleep we get and enhancing our sleep quality. Today, we will be taking a look at how technology is revolutionizing the sleep industry and some of the technology that is available to us today.

Smart Beds

The smart bed is a revolutionary new product that was first introduced in 2017. This technology can sense and automatically adjust itself and its settings to ensure you and your partner get the perfect night’s sleep. It does so in real-time, by gently contouring to the back, side and stomach profiles, to make you comfortable during the night. The bed can detect snoring and can adjust the position of the snorer to stop them from doing so. It can also adjust its temperature throughout the night. The smart bed has been designed with your comfort and sleep quality at heart.

Sleep Apps

Sleep apps for our smartphones have become extremely popular. The last thing many of us tend to do before we go to sleep is check our smartphone, and at the very least, we use it to set an alarm for the morning. However, some people use this time to enable sleep apps. There are a variety of apps available that have been designed to improve the way you sleep, to help you manage your sleep routine, to decrease stress and anxiety and to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Although apps have been specifically designed to do all of the above, sometimes, YouTube videos and other technology can be just as effective.

New Mattresses

Our mattress plays a huge part in the way we sleep. As technology improves, so does the quality of our mattresses. For example, tech has actually significantly improved memory foam, which can lead to more support throughout the night and better sleep quality. You can also get mattresses that control the temperature, so if you get too cold in the night, the mattress can automatically warm up. You can also get app-controlled cooling mattresses, which are perfect when you struggle to sleep during the summer months or if you have body aches that require a cool compress. You can compare mattresses here.

Sleep Sensors

Sleep sensors can be placed beneath your sheets to monitor a number of parameters during your slumber. This can include several sleep stages, your respiration and heart rate, and more. You can purchase sensors that connect to your Nest and work with it to adjust your environment, to ensure you sleep soundly. They can also connect to your smartphone and upload data, which can let you and your doctor know how well you are sleeping. The sensors don’t have to be turned on every night; they will automatically monitor you when you go to bed.

Smart Duvet

The smart duvet is the perfect addition to your smart bed and smart mattress! Smart duvets are great for couples who have different opinions on the definition of hot or cold. Sweating or shivering during the night can be extremely disruptive for you and your partner, especially when you have to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat. Luckily for us, the smart duvet has been invented. It works by using a network of small air channels, which will deliver warm or conditioned air throughout the night. They even offer dual-zone control, which means you and your partner can sleep comfortably every night.

In conclusion, technology is definitely waking up the sleep market. From smart home apps to mattress innovations, as the years go by, it is clear to see that our bedrooms are going to be getting their fair share of technology.

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