How Has Brexit Affected Pharmaceutical Distribution in the UK?

Understanding the impact that Brexit can have on our way of life can seem very daunting at first, but when it comes down to the finer details such as the distribution of medication, there is a lot that could be about to change. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how the pharmaceutical distribution process will be affected by Brexit.

Changes To International Regulations

When looking at the impact that Brexit can have on our lives in the UK at the end of this year can seem quite daunting at first. However, within the pharmaceutical sector, there is set to be the most amount of change. Not only are there changes to distribution itself, but there are also changes to international regulations that are set to revolutionize the distribution of medication and PPE between the UK and Europe. Though there has been nothing set in stone regarding these changes in regulation at this time, the end of the year could reveal a deal that has been made.

Trade of Pharmaceuticals with the EU

It is important to remember at this time that the UK has had a long history of trading with the EU for PPE and medication. Figures have shown that in 2016 alone the UK exported £24.9 billion in pharmaceutical goods. With Brexit however, this could be set to change as regulations and tariffs on trading goods could lead to a significant drop in the amount of revenue that the UK brings in every year.

Potentials For Delays At the Borders

In addition to a loss of revenue for pharmaceutical distribution UK services, there is also the potential for delays at the border due to the higher patrols at the border. Though this is not definite as if yet the potential of a no-deal Brexit could greatly impact this and lead to potential delays and a loss in revenue. Therefore, it is important to make sure you are on top of the outcome in order to determine whether your distribution company will be affected by at the end of 2020 at the beginning of 2021.

Changes to Manufacturing

The other element that can change is the changes to the manufacturing process. With several companies having to abide by new rules set by the NHS in new rules, this could revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry and make the distribution process much more complicated. By monitoring the way that these manufacturing rules are changing you are then able to determine how the process of making and distributing medication can be affected when making your business stand out. These changes in manufacturing can have a significant impact on the relationship between distribution services and manufactures in the near future for a business of any size.

With this in mind, there are several ways that Brexit can impact the process of pharmaceutical distribution in the UK whether they have a deal or the UK leaves without a deal at this unusual time.

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