How Do We Contract A Virus?

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. It has claimed thousands of lives and affected millions of others. Now, the general masses are simply worried that they may catch the virus. This situation is unprecedented, and it has challenged our existence. Then, it resulted in a lock down, which confined everyone in their own homes. People across the globe have been dealing with the effects of lock down, both physical and psychological.

This situation stresses the need for our safety and of those around us. Since the beginning, the emphasis is on how we can protect ourselves. Doctors and medical experts have been advising people on the use of safety gear and precautions. They are urging them to stay indoors and care for themselves and their families. All of this revolves around one requirement; to avoid contracting the virus.

So, the question that arises here is, what steps to take to avert a virus? But let us not worry about it, but ponder upon the safety measures. In this article, we will elaborate on all the safety tips to help you be safe. Once you conclude this write-up, you will know what to do. So, let’s start.

  1. Inadequate Knowledge

The first reason for any infection is due to a lack of knowledge. Since we hear and discover so many diseases, we tend to confuse them with each other. For instance, many people who caught the coronavirus initially did not know clearly about it. Sometimes, we fall prey to disease as we think it might not affect us at all. However, the fact is, it does. And, when that happens, we end up putting everything at stake. So, it is a must to get adequate and relevant knowledge. For this purpose, you can use any digital resource of your choice.

The first step is to know How Viruses Spread, followed by the proper use of safety gear.

  1. Direct Infection

A direction infection may take place accidentally and unknowingly. It happens when you get in direct contact with someone infected. It can also happen when we touch someone’s body fluid or a mucous membrane. An example of this can be given from the ongoing pandemic. The virus might spread when someone who is infected touches the surface of public use. It could be a water faucet or door handle or something else. So, this is the reason why the emphasis is on wearing gloves and washing hands often.

  1. Indirect Infection

An indirection infection is often the reason for the spread of the disease. It happens for two reasons. Firstly, again, due to a lack of knowledge. And secondly, because we battle against an unseen enemy. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the particles cover a certain distance. They spread over everything within that distance. If a person inhales the particles, they may catch it. Here, the concept of social distancing comes in. At all public places, it is vital to maintain a safe distance. To remain in the safe zone, this is a very crucial step.

  1. Contamination

A virus may spread by different means and ways of contamination. Both healthy and unhealthy people often breathe in the same atmosphere. When the particles enter the ventilation system, they cause a spread. Another reason is the contaminated food or water. When the microorganisms reach your food, they enter your digestive system. Yet another source of contamination is infected blood. For instance, healthcare workers may get infected if they don’t maintain safety procedures. Here, pathogens are at play and enter your body through the usual means. They may be present in the droplets or even the particles of dust. So, one needs to be careful during the cleanliness too.

  1. Virus Carriers

It is not just the humans who may be carrying a virus. It is mostly the virus carriers that affect us. These are generally known as vectors. Malaria is a typical example of a disease that we get from a mosquito. This may be a fly that sat on you, a mosquito that just bit you or your pet. For instance, recently, a cat tested positive for the Coronavirus. So, to ensure safety, we must ensure cleanliness in our surroundings. Also, you may get your pets tested for the virus as soon as possible.

Last Few Words

Viruses may spread by different means and affect us. Adequate knowledge is necessary to prevent the disease. We should pay attention to the elderly, the children, and the ailing because they are vulnerable. The ongoing situation has highlighted the need for personal safety. Collectively, social distancing is the need of the hour for mass safety. Last but not least, we may need a different strategy to tackle each disease. For the current one, a lockdown is a solution.

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Thanks for the useful awareness post. Really worried about how long this pandemic crisis would go on. It seems that being safe and vigilant only can help to protect ourselves from the virus. Social distancing is, of course, challenging in most of the public places. It is possible to contract the virus even when we follow the above safety measures as a way of life.

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