How Digital Technology Is Helping With Cancer Health Issues

Jamie Costello is computer science student.

Jamie Costello
Jamie Costello

Considering how far we come through technology, it’s taking massive strides in regards to managing health and creating new solutions to major health issues. Cancer is still one major topic that is always up in the air in regards to benefits it can gain from technology. There have been many ideas and solutions which have continued to grow. With such a big impact that it’s there are many ways in which digital technology can be used to contribute to the issue of cancer.

Social Media

The growth of social media appears to have benefited many sectors in more ways than one and the same goes for the healthcare sector. With accessibility that everyone has to social media it allows for millions to connect and interact with each other, meaning online support groups gather communities to discuss and access information that everyone involved can relate to. Patients can be directed for support and it’s all extremely convenient. Twitter’s TweetChat facility makes creating groups easy and accessible.

Mobile Apps

The rise of wearables and mobile health apps have increased in popularity enormously with connected care benefiting most from such technologies. With connected care patients and providers can interact with one another, monitoring patient health remotely in real-time. There are also secure email communications available for patients and their careers. It creates great convenience for both parties and keeps everyone well informed with up to date information. Some impressive connected care mobile apps are already available and the progress made in mobile app development is sure to continue with endless possibilities.

Targeted Therapies

The role of genomics has played a major role how scientists and medical professionals have been able to make treatment for cancer more specialized and specific. Because of the complexity of cancer cells, it’s required further in-depth research to understand how these can be targeted better and the development of genomics has made this possible. It enables newer drugs to be created that can help with tackling the different cancer mutations and genetic changes. Further research continues in this space the progress that’s been made, gaining further knowledge and success through technologies like genomics.

Clinical Trials

Digital technology continues to be a valuable asset in the clinic trials space. They’re becoming increasingly costly but the availability of digital technologies means patient reported outcomes can be easily monitored and reported. Being able to gather up to date information to do with side effects, unexpected reactions and outcomes of the trials will make them more reliable. Through digital technologies the mass amounts of people that are able to be recruited will also make it less costly and safer in the long run.

Digital technologies continues to become increasingly beneficial to the health sector and are gradually becoming an integral part for cancer related treatment and diagnosis. Considering the progress that’s been made so far they really becoming the most important tools available to help research and knowledge develop, with endless possibilities.

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