ZocDoc Releases 2013 U.S. Health Checkup, Revealing This Year’s Top Patient Trends

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — ZocDoc, a service that helps patients receive faster access to care and optimizes doctors’ schedules, today released its second annual U.S. Health Checkup. Millions of patients each month use ZocDoc.com or the free ZocDoc apps to find nearby, in-network doctors and dentists, see their real-time availability, and instantly book appointments online. These online bookings have generated the country’s largest database of patient behavior, and ZocDoc tapped this information to share its insights into this year’s top health trends.

ZocDoc’s 2013 U.S. Health Checkup explored topics such as locations with the shortest and longest in-office wait times, markets that were the most proactive about their health, trends in online physician reviews, how male and female patient behavior differs, and many more. All findings are based on the percentage of total appointments booked via ZocDoc in 2013, and highlights include:

Geographic Trends

Online Physician Review Trends

Appointment Time Trends & Tips

“We’re honored that over the past year, patients all across the country have turned to ZocDoc for so many of their healthcare needs,” said ZocDoc founder & CEO Cyrus Massoumi. “We’re excited to share these patient-generated insights, as we think it provides an interesting view of the country’s health behaviors in 2013. We look forward to sharing this annual report in years to come, and we expect the findings will become increasingly robust as we continue to expand ZocDoc’s functionality and geographic footprint.”

To see the full report and infographic based on this data, visit the ZocDoc blog.

About ZocDoc
More than four million patients use ZocDoc each month to find a nearby doctor or dentist and instantly book an appointment online. By revealing the ‘hidden supply’ of appointments, ZocDoc helps patients receive faster access to care and optimizes doctors’ schedules. With ZocDoc Check-In, patients can fill out their paperwork online prior to their appointment, and physicians receive more complete and accurate patient information. ZocDoc has raised $95 million in investments to date, is currently available in more than 1,900 cities, and covers 40 percent of the US. population. This service is free for patients via ZocDoc.com or the free ZocDoc app for iPhone and Android. A Spanish-language version called ZocDoc en Espanol is also available (espanol.zocdoc.com; iPhone and Android).

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